As a workshop clinician, I offer a number of different services. I'm happy to work with you to get the most out of our time together. Examples of how we might spend our time include:

  • vocal technique work
    • As a conductor and singer, I am fascinated by the mechanics, anatomy, and acoustics of the human voice. In working with singers, I can apply age-appropriate exercises to help your choir develop a deeper understanding of sound production and healthy vocal habits
  • choral tone production
    • My approach to choral tone emphasizes listening over "blending". I encourage the use of just intonation in unaccompanied music to best tune and balance chords.
  • repertoire learning
    • Sometimes, early in a choir's season, what's needed is quick and correct learning of the notes and rhythms on the page! I like to include examination of the text, shaping, and meaning of a new piece as we work through the parts.
  • "the next level"
    • Taking a known piece and seeking new ways to polish and present it is a great joy for every choir. Energetic diction, word emphasis, legato singing, and breath management all help to make the performance more vibrant and engaging.
  • southern African songs
    • During my time with the Kokopelli Choir Association, I have been fortunate to travel to southern Africa twice and to work with many exchange singers from our twin choirs in that part of the world. I can gladly teach a southern African song by rote (in the traditional style) to your choir, along with movement. I find that this kind of music is extremely appealing to younger singers!

Guest Conductor

I am always honoured to have the chance to work with a group of singers, whether brought together for a special event, or a long-standing group with a great artistic path already in place. I have worked with many high school and youth choirs in this capacity, and I especially enjoy any chance to work with young adult and adult choirs!


Adjudicating is a tricky task -- often, we have only short minutes to work with a group and try to share some ideas for future growth and improvement. However, it's a pleasure to dive right in with a group that is performance-ready! I have adjudicated festivals at many levels, and have worked with singers ages 5 to adult, and every age group along the way.