I'm an Edmonton-based choral conductor, adjudicator, and arts administrator. I believe in building community through music.



My young adult choir is part of the Kokopelli Choir Association here in Edmonton. With 60-70 members in a typical season, the choir is known for its musical sensitivity, warm free sound, creative programming, and palpable sense of connection with each other and with the audience.


My adult choir is also in the Kokopelli Choir Association family. Founded in 2013, this group takes a slower pace on the choral journey but aims for moving, polished performances of challenging repertoire from a wide range of sources.


I love to travel and work with other singers across our country. In addition to working as an adjudicator, guest conductor, and clinician, I work behind the scenes as an arts administrator for the Kokopelli Choir Association. As an administrator, my focus is on generating systems and policies that support the growth and unbounded potential of all our members.